Gemnasium V3 aka Gemnasium <3

Gemnasium loves you, thank you so much for your support! We are proud today to announce a new exciting release.

We have worked hard in the last months to improve the code base and features, it was also time to put in place a fresh and optimized UI. Each page has been lovingly handcrafted into an amazing new design. Here is an quick insight:

The new UI also comes with a new Dashboard page with gathered statistics about profiles and some info about a pushed package each week, and live events scoped to your account.

We also have lots of surprises for you, so let’s jump right in!

NPM Support

Gemnasium is now able to read your NPM dependencies and monitor them. If your Github profile contains projects with a “package.json” or a “npm-shrinkwrap.json” file, Gemnasium will be able to track the dependencies for you!


This feature is included in all plans (including free plans), with no extra fee! And Gemnasium already monitors more than 22.000 node packages.                  

Your personal security coach

Need some help to follow important changes and security announcements? Let us introduce you the new “Watchmen” team. Everyday, we’ll be tracking important changelogs and security advisories for you, and will mark as “red” dangerous or broken versions. Don’t spend more time to wonder if your projects are vulnerable because you forgot to update them, let us ping you when we think you should worry about something!

“Watched” packages and each “Checked”versions are marked with these labels:        

“Watched” means the project is being manually checked every day. “Checked” is an acknowledge on the package version you are browsing.

The Watchmen feature will evolve continuously to provide better and smarter security announcements so that you can relax and stay focus on your work. Expect a release dedicated to this topic next week!

Packages Improvements

Gemnasium now provides tons of metadata for both Rubygems and Npms packages (owners, maintainers, useful links, etc.). You can also find the dependencies of a package and discover the other packages depending on it.

For those who maintain a changelog, Gemnasium is also able to provide its content for each versions. Though, as there is no standard yet, this feature requires the changelog to be in a supported format. We’ll write more about this soon, stay tuned!

New badges

We’re taking part in the new “Shields” project, and provide clean, consistent and more readable badges for your Readmes. Your project badge can be copied/pasted on your github Readme page in seconds. Just click on the badge on your Gemnasium’s project page and follow instructions!


We still have a lot of terrific ideas to come, stay tuned!

Ho, one more thing

We have a lovely gift for you! As you can see, a lot has changed in the new Gemnasium and the response we’ve gotten from community has been amazing. We’d like to welcome new subscribers with a 50% discount for 3 months (with the 1st month 100% free!)

While creating your subscription on gatekeeper (our account platform), just enter the coupon : VALENTINESDEP

<3<3<3 from the Gemnasium Team

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